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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Two Geeks In A Pod

Being an unrepentant music geek, I'm always on the lookout for kindred spirits. And any path to a connection with another geek is worth exploring. That brings me to a young man at a local store I regularly patronize.

Soon after moving to my current home, I discovered this individual shares a dubious talent of mine - he is an expert, almost in my league, at identifying recording artists who have had just one hit record.  Each time I've been in the store and one of these songs is on the radio, I call out to my guy. In seven years - BTW, he's young enough to be my son - he has missed just three times! This is way beyond Ted Williams territory. Many of these one hit wonders claimed their single spot on the popular music map before my savant was born. I don't remember how I first learned of my man's small "p" prowess but - don't judge - I look forward to frequently interacting with someone who - like me - revels in such utterly useless information.

A few days ago, "What I Am" was playing as I grabbed my to go coffee. Here's how much I trust the integrity of this musical soulmate of mine. When he couldn't immediately access the name of the artist who recorded that one-and-done song, I agreed to wait until I next saw him for what he assured me would be his right answer. He promised - and I believed - he would not cheat in the interim. The story has a happy ending. Think you know someone who could top my guy? I doubt it, but why not try them out first on "What I Am"? If they get that - without a cell phone or Siri assist - we'll move onto the three or four dozen other songs my man has effortlessly retrieved from his addled brain since I met him in 2010. I suspect your hotshot will be no competition for my cool geeky friend.       

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