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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

National Gratitude Day

Each August 1st since 2012, I've been lobbying here to establish a national holiday for this month. Doesn't it strike anyone else as unfair that we celebrate so little in August? And though disappointed my five earlier ideas - brilliant though each has been - have been met with indifference, giving up is not an option. My newest proposal is to declare August 1 National Gratitude Day.

How great it would be if each August 1 we were all reminded to publicly acknowledge our gratitude for the abundance in our lives. Imagine the positive energy that would be unleashed. I hope some of you will join me by commenting here on some things for which you are grateful.

* I'm grateful for the gardens my wife has created in each home we've shared together.
* I'm grateful my regular bike rides take me alongside the Atlantic Ocean.
* I'm grateful my post full time work life is rich and full.

I think this holiday is going to catch on. Hallmark - Are you paying attention?      


  1. Similar to Thanksgiving, maybe more secular?

  2. I am grateful for health, happiness and abundance in my later years. Today (August 2nd) I am also grateful to have had my interesting and quirky husband in my life for 36 years:)

  3. I'm grateful that I'm here to be grateful!

    1. Sandy, Jimmy & Ines; Thanks for commenting. And Jimmy, although you're right about the theme of my holiday sharing parts with Thanksgiving, that November holiday has sometimes meshed over the years with the whole pilgrim thing and American exceptionalism, a myth that sometimes gives me pause.

    2. Pat, I think you confuse T'giving with Memorial Day or maybe the NFL (Poor Colin K). I like to focus on thanksgiving on Thanksgiving and, as such, am down with my fellow commentators above.

  4. Every day should be Gratitude Day! I'm grateful that you're grateful for the garden. I'm grateful for you! I'm grateful Sandy's here to be grateful. And for so very many other things....