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Saturday, July 28, 2018

A Welcoming City

What city has ever had an I-can-see-myself-living-here appeal for you on your first visit?

Although this hasn't been a common experience for me, my first visit to Burlington,Vermont a few weeks ago was exactly that. Except for winters a bit colder than I prefer, everything about Burlington speaks to me. Start with the waterfront, including a bike & pedestrian path circumventing a good portion of Lake Champlain with the Adirondack mountains as a backdrop and a free beach. Several top notch independent bookstores, terrific restaurants - including numerous ethnic & vegan choices - progressive politics. College vibe, warm people with the right touch of New England reserve, a music venue the right size for mid-level acts located right in the pedestrian-friendly,vibrant downtown - we saw Joe Jackson during our stay. Great sound system in that theater, BTW.

I'm sure Burlington's not perfect; what is? But, check out the picture below - It's a list of guidelines posted at the steps leading down to the beach. The sign is printed in nine different languages! How many can you identify? How could I not love a place as welcoming as this?

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