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Sunday, March 6, 2022

Miracles And Magic

"Marriage by nature"

That expression is one that naturalists use to describe the mutualistic relationship existing between yucca moths and joshua trees. Isn't that wonderful? Being consistently reminded of these miracles in the natural world is one of the best reasons I've discovered for spending time in the National Parks. I'm not sure how often I'd otherwise stop to consider these things. How often do you?

Waiting for my hiking partners a few days back, my solitary reverie was pierced by a woodpecker. One needn't be in a National Park to marvel at the sound of a woodpecker. But the contrast between the profound quiet engulfing me moments before and that percussive rattle turned that into a magical moment. I was still laughing as my partners caught up. When did a sound from the natural world so enchant you? 

I'm grateful beyond measure for the miracles and the magic the National Parks have brought to my life.


  1. Hello, Pat. I am sure I have experienced times when I have found sounds to be 'enchanting' in one way or another. But for today's comment, I have to tell you that I took a few moments to picture you waiting, listening, enjoying, and finding amusement in the simple, yet wonderful, 'miracles'. Thanks for sharing such a descriptive post.
    Be well,

    1. "Anonymous" Bob; You are so welcome. I'm sincerely touched this post spoke to you.