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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Minimum Wage At Last

Eight years after beginning to teach music classes at local community colleges and elsewhere, 2022 is shaping up to be the first year I break through and earn minimum wage. How would you suggest I celebrate this milestone? 

What factors in 2022 have contributed to my promotion? Well, several of the courses I'll be teaching this year are re-runs, which translates to little time needed for development and design. Also, re-running any course means I don't need to purchase nearly as many tunes for my digital music library; that investment came the first time around. Such a deal.

I'm also honored Brookdale Community College selected me to be in the first wave of instructors for their new partnership with Ocean County Community College, beginning in late April. That new opportunity will also help me crack the minimum wage because all future classes I teach at OCCC will be re-runs, given this will be a new audience. Cutting way back on development hours means most of my time this year - and hopefully in future years - will be spent with the fun part - the teaching. Such a deal.

Earning minimum wage (perhaps) in 2022 and beyond for courses I'd willingly do for no pay will be nice. But every opportunity to share my rapture and commune with the sincere music lovers I've met since 2014 has helped to deepen my own appreciation for the most ancient of the arts. And finally, a few former "students" have since become friends. One of those friends also occasionally acts as my muse de jour. Now there's a deal for you.  


  1. Hello, Pat. Minimum Wage ?!?! Having taken a number of your classes, with more upcoming, I certainly understand the time and effort needed to prepare each one. And although you have undoubtedly heard this from others, your work is well worth the fees that we pay. And knowing you for the short time that I have, I am not surprised to read that you would gladly do what you do for no pay. However, even at minimum wage, I'm equally glad to read that you've reached this stage in your teaching career. It's a privilege to take your classes and benefit from your knowledge and share in your enthusiasm for each subject. I am very much looking forward to the two classes coming up. Although I've not yet had the opportunity to hear you play, teaching definitely suits you quite well.
    See you soon,

    1. "Anonymous" Bob; Thanks for the comment and more thanks for the kind words about my classes. It's been good having you as a participant in my last several. I look forward to seeing you at the two coming up.