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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Beatles Brain

Finally, a name for the affliction I've had since early 1964. Doesn't matter that I had to coin the name for this affliction myself. Please: Steal, borrow, or co-opt my neologism when you need an explanation for mystified family, incredulous friends, or anyone staring at you with disbelief as you begin waxing rhapsodically about the Fab Four's music. 

As I embarrassed myself - again - in front of a class by breaking down while extolling the divine magic of If I Fell, I began reflecting on a way to describe how this music never lets me down. That was after the first week's class ended. 

In week two it was And Your Bird Can Sing that ignited me so intensely I actually scared myself a bit. On the drive home, de-briefing my over-the-top enthusiasm while de-constructing this song for the class - one I've probably listened to at least five hundred times since 1966 - I still couldn't explain myself to myself.

Yer Blues and While My Guitar Gently Weeps were today's gateway to my rapture. I re-played Ringo's brief drum break in Yer Blues as he downshifts the band from 4/4 to 6/8 at least four times. If that wasn't deranged enough, I then moved into no-man's land after While My Guitar Gently Weeps ended while trying to get through a mention of Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton's performance of that George Harrison song in the Concert for George documentary. And then suddenly, I landed on the name of the affliction that has had me for almost sixty years. Please share with me here - or offline - what your most recent bout of Beatles Brain did to you. Nothing is too far-fetched, trust me.     


  1. Hello, Pat. Beatles Brain certainly covers a lot of ground. And, I would assume, a very large number of us share that affliction. It is definitely one I suffer from. As for the remainder of your post, I'm sorry but I must correct you. And that is something that I don't believe I have ever done in this, or any, forum. I apologize in advance for saying something here that I have definitely said numerous time previously, but anyone who has had the opportunity of taking any of your classes would agree that the enthusiasm you bring to the material greatly adds to the knowledge you have. The best instructors I have had over the years are the ones that were/are able to share their feelings on a subject. To be so much in the moment that they are able to express how they feel and allow their emotions to show through. You, my friend, fit that to a tee. I'll grant you the affliction of 'Beatles Brain'. But, 'embarrassed yourself' .... Sorry, not buying it.
    Be well,

    1. "Anonymous" Bob; Thanks for the comment and letting me off the hook about embarrassing myself. It's a pleasure having you as a participant in these classes.

  2. Hey Pat! Beatles Brain may be a permanent state of being for me...have you seen "Get Back" yet? I watched the whole documentary twice and was particularly astounded at the genius of Paul. The ideas just never stopped flowing out of him, very inspiring. I also loved what Billy Preston brought to those sessions...witnessing him actually play the rhodes solo on Get Back from the record was slightly religious. Anyway, great read here, thanks!! Looking forward to seeing ya soon...BYOP (bring your own platypus)

    1. "Anonymous" Scott; Thanks for the comment even if I had to resort to begging to get it. I have indeed seen "Get Back". What I enjoyed most was seeing how much those guys loved each other but I agree watching Paul create and Billy playing the Rhodes was also cool. See you in early June.