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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Have I Told You Lately?

Corny as it sounds, each time I think I've uncovered the last benefit I've derived from my partnership of over forty-four years, something else occurs to me. What are you grateful for that flows directly from a long term relationship?  

While recently sharing another reasonably healthy meal together, it dawned on me how atrocious my eating habits might be today without all these years of my wife's influence. Because eating for me has always been about convenience above all, TV dinners could easily have become my default had she not come into my life in 1978. 

From there, things might well have gone from bad to worse, especially following my decision to become a vegetarian in the early 90's. Because had the new vegetarian been left on his own, fruit and vegetable consumption would have remained confined to fruit juice or V-8 in the morning, an occasional banana - no slicing or other attention needed aside from peeling - and perhaps an ear of corn every July 4th. Just thinking about what would have been in my cabinets makes me shudder.

My arteries and waistline thank you, sweetheart.  


  1. Thanks for the kudos and appreciation. Yes, we have evolved over the years to a much healthier, veggie- and fruit-filled diet, but I can't take all the credit. Yes, I'm the one who is willing to search out new recipes and shop for the best ingredients. But you are always willing to help cut and chop. Most important, you never turn your nose up at anything new we try and I never-ever hear any critical remarks about what dish I chose or how our food is prepared. And the dishes? Even though TV dinners would be a lot easier, you are always willing to do clean-up duty. So...definitely one more example of a team effort.

    1. Nice spin on this. Teamwork, huh? OK, I'll accept 10% of the credit. And I thank you for acknowledging my acceptance of whatever healthy dish you prepare. I'd be a dummy to complain given you do the bulk of the work.

  2. Good Morning, Pat. Credit where Credit is due. Always a good thing. While I can safely say that my partner of almost 23 years is responsible for making sure that I take my vitamins, stay up to date with my medications and doctor appointments, we also do more than our fair share of ... hmmm ... lets call it 'cheating'. Too many after dinner snacks while watching TV has lead to what a friend referred to (for her) as the Covid 30 (pounds). I will admit to having my own Covid 15, but it doesn't make me feel much better since I was, about 14-15 months ago, 15 pounds lighter. Neither of us are great cooks, although I do enjoy it what I take the time. We have succeeded in staying from most processed foods, and soda has been greatly reduced. But, there are still things to do .. for both of us. And while I admitted to having a cynical side in a previous blog post comment, I remain confident, and hopeful, in being able to re-lose my Covid 15. Fingers Crossed!!
    Be well,

    1. "Anonymous" Bob; I wasn't suggesting in my post that I'm a paragon of healthy eating, only that, the 2022 Pat would have had vastly different eating habits had he not met his partner back in 1978. She is the main reason for any healthy eating habits I've developed over these ensuing 44 years.