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Saturday, April 9, 2022

Songstrings: The Coda

Foremost among the reasons for declaring this being my last post devoted to songstrings is a wish to return to some reliable sleep patterns. But I encourage any of you who have enjoyed earlier iterations of this short-lived series to carry on and send me - online or off - your attempts. 

And so it goes, both sides now: Hello, beginnings, the best thing that ever happened to me; goodbye, the end, the worst that could happen

That's my magnum opus songstring = eight unique song titles concatenated - without a single filler word - to create a meaningful thought in sentence form. Reasonably sure many of you will recognize all eight tunes with Goodbye being arguably the most obscure, a Gordon Jenkins composition featured on Linda Ronstadt's What's New LP. When creating your songstring of two titles or more, remember: It's OK to Google the name of a composer or performer, as long as the song title itself comes from your head and not from Google. That would be cheating. 

Just so you know I'm not exaggerating, below is a file dump of just a few songstrings using two to seven titles each. The "*" denotes any song not widely known. All these tunes and many others - in varying combinations, melodies intact - have been interfering with my sleep for weeks, I swear.

Are you ready to love somebody?

How will I know if I loved you until the night?

And we danced all night long because* tomorrow never knows*. (* Beatles from Abbey Road & Revolver, respectively)

Life's been good if I'm alive* when the night comes tomorrow. (*Jackson Browne, from LP of same name)

At last, somewhere, there's a place* the beat goes on day after day, always and forever. (*Beatles)

Music, laughing, sunshine, friends, birds*, feelings; that's life. (* Neil Young from After the Goldrush) 


  1. That's it, you are definitely the Songstring King! I can't get no satisfaction (from trying to create these things).

    1. Songstring King, huh? Nice ring to that thing. And, nice job signing off with a Stones title!

  2. Hey Pat, I stumbled upon this song string on Reddit that has 10 songs and thought you might like it. It was posted by a user called Dente-Grimm and titled "How to order a Pizza".

    Hello Pizza Place I'd Like One Pizza Please Give Me Your Weakest Delivery Boy, I Won't Settle for Less, We've Got a Score to Settle.

    Hello - Adele
    Pizza Place - ANAMO
    I'd Like - Freshlyground
    One Pizza - Mr. Thomas Teaches
    Please - jagger finn
    Give Me Your - (G)I-DLE
    Weakest - Keke Wyatt
    Delivery Boy - The Courtneys
    I Won't Settle for Less - Maree McRee
    We've Got a Score to Settle - The Dear Hunter


    1. Chris; Thanks for sending this. Ten songs would be impressive IF someone came up with all ten out of their head/memory vs. using technology (of any kind) to assist them. Consequently, I remain proud of all of mine, including my magnum opus above (eight songs), given that I had zero assistance constructing any of my own songstrings. BTW, of the ten songs above, I'm completely unfamiliar with songs #2-10 as well as the recording artists for all 9 of those songs. How many are you familiar with?

  3. I also have no idea who any of these artist are other than Adele, The Courtneys and The Deer Hunter. I was just amused and thought you might enjoy it.