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Saturday, April 2, 2022

The Risk Of Too Many Words

There is never a shortage of news stories worthy of comment. And I'm rarely without an opinion about what goes on in the world nor have I ever been accused of being shy about expressing those opinions when conversing with others.

But since the inception of my blog over eleven years ago, I have been purposefully circumspect about publicly expressing my views on current events. Asked about my uncharacteristic reticence - publicly or privately - I frequently dodge the question, which itself tells me it is something in need of further examination. 

A recent comment I received here - in response to a crabby post about leaf-blowers - mentioned Ukraine. In the days since, I've continually returned to that reticence of mine. Unfortunately, I'm no closer to an answer about it than I've ever been. I do know the scope of the current crisis in Ukraine is overwhelming to me; I'm sure most of you feel the same. I also know that - for me - becoming immobilized can follow the feeling of being overwhelmed. I fight that immobilization by donating money to the relief efforts, one small thing within my sphere of control.  

Will more words about Ukraine help assuage the pain of four million refugees? There are people out there with enough media reach to reasonably claim they're bringing the world's attention to the crisis with their words. I can make no such claim. Is it a stretch to say that more words from someone like me runs the risk of trivializing a crisis like the one in Ukraine?     


  1. Hi Pat. I don't think blogging about Ukraine would trivialize it but I am not sure it would add anything. I understand your reticence and would do the same under the circumstances. I too donate which is "one small thing within my sphere of control." BTW, the leaf blowing blog was my least favorite. Just sayin'.

    1. Ines; Thanks for the comment. So that leaf-blowing post was your least favorite, huh? I guess one post had to earn that dubious distinction.

  2. I'm sure you are not alone in feeling the way you express in todays blog post. I feel that contributing/donating to causes is a great way to help, but it also begs the question 'should I/we be doing more'? So, again, there is agreement with what you are saying. I'm not so sure further words will easy the situation in Ukraine. Further contributions - both from people and governments - will, and I'm sure, continue to provide assistance. I read just this morning about a convoy that drive to Ukraine, I believe, from France being hundreds of thousands of meals to those that have been displaced. While I'm sure everyone would agree that this is a great undertaking, I don't see myself ever being that involved. I greatly admire people who do this type of work. Then, also this morning, I read about 3 individuals who paid 55 Million Dollars each to fly on Space X to the International Space Station. $55,000,000.00. Each !!! There is the war in Ukraine. There is homelessness, poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, racism ... So many heartbreaking events going on in the world. Each Day. Every Day. And, admittedly, I do not know if one of these three people contributes to any cause, but these are people who are able to pay $55 Million dollars to spend a week in space!!! I usually try not to let the cynic in me come out. And most times I am successful. And I do honestly believe that there is good in most people and that most people want things to be better. But ... And allow me this time to vent ... where is the fairness ??
    Be well,

    1. "Anonymous" Bob; Thanks for the solidarity. If your point re the individuals who paid $55 million for the flight to the ISS is cynical then call me a cynic. I am glad you noted that one or more of these folks may be supporting relief efforts in Ukraine with their $$$ as well. However, the "venting" cynic in me has doubts about that.