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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Head Scratchers, Anyone?

What was the last acclaimed film you watched that left you scratching your head?

A few weeks ago, for the first time, I watched "All The King's Men". Among the four films that mess beat for best picture of 1949, I've seen only "The Heiress". No matter; I defy anyone to watch just these two movies back-to-back and defend the Academy's choice. Was everyone drunk when they voted that year?

Although it did not win an Academy Award, "Night of the Hunter" (1955) is such a highly touted film I've felt a bit of a fraud calling myself a movie buff having not seen it. Until last night, that is. Oh...my...God. I challenge people who speak highly of this movie to keep a straight face while watching the acting in this "classic". Robert Mitchum has a few good moments but much of the script (written by James Agee!), particularly the tripe Lillian Gish says at the conclusion, is just awful. And the two main child actors would fit well in any train wreck Ed Wood ever made. Yikes.

We've all seen movies we don't like and others that were bad but won no awards or acclaim ("Larry Crowne", anyone?).  But these two are revered. HOW CAN THIS BE SO?

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