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Monday, September 17, 2012

Gotta Have A Ball

For many years my sister has been saying I was born the wrong sex. Aside from the exercise benefits derived from cycling, tennis & skiing, I have little interest in sports. I own no power tools and have zero interest in cars. I neither hunt nor fish. Since adolescence most of my enduring friendships have been with women. I cry often and easily. The Marlboro man I'm not.

Even my passions rarely match marketing or demographic profiles. I don't care for military biographies or spy thrillers, have never read Popular Mechanics, GQ, or Maxim. Action is my least favorite film genre; rap and metal leave me cold. So imagine my surprise and marvel at the delight I felt while in Tuscany this past week when I happily reveled in a slogan introduced to me by two guy's guys who were part of my bike touring group. Their slogan -  "Gotta have a ball."

On a stunning beach in Talamone, jumping from a 10 foot cliff into the crystal blue water, a ball was tossed. What a thrill it was catching it. And in that moment I was transported to the joy of my childhood when hanging out with my friends playing ball was pure magic. Words to live by - Gotta have a ball.  


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  2. You may not be the Marlboro Man, but you are my man!