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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Grade (So Far): Imagination

Imagination: Ability to meet and resolve difficulties; resourcefulness.

Although the definition above is the last of six cited in my Random House dictionary, #1- #5 were not terribly useful. Also, though I've always equated imagination with creativity, that word does not appear in any of the six definitions. So, using the above, how would you grade yourself so far on imagination?

Although I give myself a "C+" to this point, this is an attribute where I've seen a steady arc of growth over my life. Resourcefulness never felt innate for me as I believe it is for my wife and others I've known.  But I do envision my grade continuing to improve. How about you? How resourceful have you been meeting and resolving difficulties?

Aside from being confident a "B" is in my future, another bright spot is feeling I did pretty well raising my daughter to have imagination, per this definition. She is much more skilled at meeting and resolving difficulties and resourceful than I was at her age. Of course, her mother gets at least equal credit, maybe more. And it's good to know I've still got lots of time.

Don't forget: Any suggestions for future attributes in this series ("J" to Z" left), are welcome.

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