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Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Temporary Solution

To what do you turn to shake yourself up a bit?

Although complacency and comfort have their place, I question how much I'm learning when long periods have elapsed without any significant jolts to my routine. Being in a quiet cycle like that right now, I noticed how opposing words have been arguing with each other in my head the past few weeks. For example -

Am I in a groove or...a rut?
Am I feeling mellow or...smug?

And always, there is that fine line. Seeking out people or experiences that go way off the path entails immense risk. But habit and ritual becoming the default mode is deadening to my creativity.

Soon after posting this, I'll put on Joe Jackson's "Right" and play it so loud the paint peels. Not the complete solution but the extreme volume mixed with the profanity and indignation in his song will shake me up, at least a little. Better than nothing.                

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