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Monday, September 2, 2013

The Metaphor & The Reality Check

"A few years ago I tossed my life into a blender and turned it up to high".

What event or circumstance from your life is conjured by this muscular metaphor?

When an old friend said this a few days back, I was instantly catapulted back to my arrest a little over two years ago. I vividly recalled how my mind raced through the potential ramifications of my rash act while sitting handcuffed in the police station. I remembered the months that followed - how people commiserated, saying they might have done the same thing given the circumstances - how that helped only until the possibility of a civil action came back front and center. Suddenly, the cost of defending a principle was more than I was willing to pay. Talk about a reality check.  

After the possibility of civil action dissipated on August 15 and I wrote a purging post about not recognizing myself that dismal day two years ago, all was going smoothly. That is, until my friend's life in a blender metaphor.      

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