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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Birthday & Christmas In One Package

It's no exaggeration to say the teaching assignment I'll begin early next year is a dream come true.

The first continuing ed course I'll deliver is called "One Thing Leads To Another: Popular Music In The 20th Century".  Ever since my proposal was accepted, my mind has been singing. As I now begin the design, all my musician friends can expect their brains to be picked. Lurkers in the bell curve blogosphere who'd like to weigh in, musician or otherwise, consider the following:

* For the first course, I'm looking for connections that link songs and artists throughout the century; nothing is too far fetched. Joe Jackson & Duke Ellington; Steely Dan & Horace Silver; the Beatles & Meredith Wilson, etc.
* Because I'll be playing as well as lecturing in the first course and beyond, songs lending themselves well to solo guitar (without voice) are especially welcome.
* Later courses will build on the first and touch on several genres (blues, country, rock, jazz, R&B) so let your creativity run amok and then share your ideas with me. Sorry, no royalties; can't afford it on the pittance I'm being paid.

More on this in the coming months. What a nice early birthday gift.


  1. Wow, Pat, that is exciting news! You are indeed the perfect person to teach this class. The students are in for a fantastic experience: enthusiastic teacher, excellent guitar player, renaissance man who can connect the dots! Can't wait to hear how the course takes shape. Congratulations on your (yet another) adventure in 'retired' life!

    1. Lori; Thanks for the encouragement - I am so wired! Can I quote you on the "renaissance man" bit?

  2. Pat, That's a wonderful development! I'm certain your many talents will provide inspiration for your students.And your your creativity and knowledge of the musical landscape will make you an exceptional teacher. Look out Phil Schaap!

    A little bit of music trivia that I came across yesterday should provide you with a funny connection in the 20th century.Not necessarily any musical connection, just an interesting and humorous coincidence. It seems when Dexter Gordon (the great bebop tenor player) was living in Denmark he became the godfather of Lars Ulrich (heavy metal band Metallica's drummer) after befriending the family.

    1. Peter; Thanks for the comment and support. And I love that tidbit re Lars Ulrich & Dexter Gordon!!