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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Not A Rant, Maybe Not Even A Post

It's easy deciding what to write about except on the days it is not. On those days it's hard although there are exceptions. Ambivalence is difficult to escape though certainty is hardly a panacea.

After settling on a subject, I don't waver unless something more compelling occurs to me. Following an earlier conversation, writing today about the challenges of remaining objective seemed the right choice until I began outlining my thoughts and noticed the qualifiers creeping into my positions. Those qualifiers are insidious, while also obvious when paying close attention. Still, they remain even when I attempt to reduce their equivocating effect or, try to hide them in a sentence.

On the other hand, how can they be avoided? However hard I work at eliminating qualifiers, without any ambivalence, what comes out is a rant. Nothing wrong with rants provided I give up expecting anyone to read me. Would be nice to say I'd post anyway if that were the case, but that's a lie.

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