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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Take 3 And...Print!

OK, last chance to get into the movie business.

I first tried getting you to imagine your own life as a feature length film back on May 15. To grease your creative wheels, I even humiliated myself in that post, providing some choice cinematic moments from the life of yours truly. Despite my self-abasement, no one took the initial bait.


Tried a different tack on July 5 asking instead for nominations of people other than yourself fit for the role of hero or heroine of our imaginary film. Comments from the second post at least produced one notable hero - a drill sergeant a la "Officer and A Gentleman". And that reader even provided casting - Denzel Washington as the sergeant and Brad Pitt as the grunt - nice. Other nominees from Take 2? A pyromaniac bassist and a cat. Come on people, work with me here.


So, if your own life has provided too few ready-for-closeup moments and nobody you've known comes to mind as a hero or heroine, how about a villain? Who in your life has been despicable enough to qualify as the bad guy in our film? No names or identifying markers are necessary, just give me and others some juicy details so we can get a vicarious thrill. If just one person responds to this post, I'll spill the beans on my personal Mephistopheles; you won't be disappointed.

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  1. My junior high school gym teacher...Miss Lafollette, who was a cross between Nurse Ratchet from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Mrs. Danvers from Rebecca. Miss L walked a dangerously thin line by wearing culottes long before female students were allowed to wear pants in school. I organized a protest that involved my friends and me wearing short culottes (a la hotpants) and resulted in our being called on the carpet and sent home to change. In an attempt at a defense, we outed Miss L's clothing selection. After all, if she could wear culottes, why couldn't we? Many burpees and laps around the gym later, I realized who actually wore the pants in that gym class.