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Friday, September 20, 2013

If Only...

Early in my adult life, someone wise advised me about the folly of bemoaning "if only..." about anything. And that wise counsel has comforted me many times over the ensuing years.

With respect to creativity however, "if only..." is a tape I find challenging to fully erase. This is especially true when I'm exposed to people who are more inclined to stand apart than they are to fit in. Or when I recognize how my thinking is converging on one answer or solution rather than diverging and seeking out several alternatives. At times like these, my internal conversations can sound something like this:

"If only I didn't have such a need to fit in then..." or..."If only my brain diverged more often than it converged then ..." .  How do those sentences end? "...my creativity could flourish"

How familiar does this sound to you? In what domain of your life are you sometimes plagued by "if only"?    

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