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Monday, February 17, 2014

The Last Laugh

Which of your attitudes or habits makes you feel old before your time?

I work studiously to avoid having this happen, but it's a constant battle. My biggest challenge is figuring out when I'm being reasonable about not needing the "latest and greatest" and when I'm resisting just because something is new and I've "done without it until now". For me, this is particularly so with respect to technology.

The problem is compounded when this distances me from my young adult daughter. She is kind to her Father but the wider our technological gap, the greater the chance for frustration on her end. At this point, I'm unsure where the middle ground lies.

Whenever someone my age yearns for the "good old days", complains about rap, or claims young people "today" have no manners (or ambition or political commitment or...), I usually bite my tongue. It's too easy for me to get on my soapbox and call someone an old fart. Anyway, if I made the mistake of getting holier than thou and that person then saw my antique cell phone, they would surely have the last laugh.

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