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Saturday, February 15, 2014

What Moral?

"We Are The Millers" is an instantly forgettable movie. Silly premise, inane script, and an ending so formulaic anyone can see it coming. When I dishonestly ducked into a theater a few months ago and did not pay to see it, I was pleased to have not wasted my money. A few days ago, while the closing credits played for "The Wolf of Wall Street", I thought - I'd gladly pay twice the admission price and sit through "We Are The Millers" a second time if I could get back what I just paid for "The Wolf Of Wall Street".

I have never so regretted paying to see a movie. Martin Scorcese has long been a favorite director of mine and this latest film of his is another tour-de-force. But notwithstanding the brilliance of "...Wolf...", even a tiny amount of my money going to the amoral man it is based on galls me. I do not want to assist in the financial rehabilitation of this parasite. I feel foolish not having researched enough to know the leech could benefit from my patronage, no matter the amount.

The irony of prattling on about an amoral man after admitting I didn't pay for "We Are The Millers" is not lost on me. Stealing is stealing. So this is a story with an anti-moral, uncool as that is. Next time, I'll try to be informed enough to cheat someone who deserves to be cheated.


  1. Had you not been feeling guilty, Pat, Meet The Millers might have made you laugh a bit. Simple, corny, but amusing without being rude, and I found it just a nice, feel-good surprise for a Saturday afternoon. I thought it was going to completely suck. C'mon, the "No ragrets" tattoo gag was funny.

    Sandy and I were just debating what our next movie should be. Wolf of Wall St. is out for me too, for similar reasons to yours, and because I think only Pulp Fiction was good enough to absorb 500+ f-bombs. I would go see Twelve a Years A Slave, but I'd feel awful and depressed afterwords. Dylan Farrow's Op-Ed. has shamed me out of Blue Jasmine, damn! Maybe we'll stay home and watch Capote again.

    Did you notice, I'm not informed to comment on most of your literary topics, but always ready to jump into a spirited debate about Meet The Millers! - Jim

    1. Hey Jim; Yeah, the guilt may have had something to do with it. Re the whole Woody Allen vs. Dylan Farrow thing, hope you got a chance to read his op-ed response; worth your time. I'm very ambivalent about the whole Woodster/Soon Yi thing but what struck me as his heartfelt response to Dylan helps me keep my raging judgaholic at bay, at least for now. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. I meant We're The Millers, yes it is forgettable after all.