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Monday, February 17, 2014

50,000 Words, Here I Come


Yes, I made that February 15 deadline and thanks for asking.

Three years of blogging has taught me several things. Foremost, I've learned to largely ignore that nasty inner critic and just write. Also, in my pre-blogging past, my ego would have prevented me from asking others to critique my work before I submitted it. This time around I welcomed the feedback and, not surprisingly, the suggestions I got from trusted readers significantly enhanced my submission. A huge thanks to those folks.

So, 5000 words down for 2014 project #1.  Next? 50,000 words for project #2, with a November deadline. That number would have intimidated me into paralysis three years ago. But having already written over 700 posts, averaging well over 100 words each, simple math has trumped my fear. Gotta love that.

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