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Friday, February 28, 2014

My Grade (So Far): Panache

panache: verve, style

I've always loved the word. But I've expended few resources and paid little attention to the attribute, so my grade (so far) for panache is C-/D+, at best. But one consult with my daughter, who has panache to spare, and higher grades are within reach. Who do you turn to for style tune-ups?

Of late, I've been more inclined to notice folks with a certain flair. More significantly, my reaction toward people with a distinct style has been more measured than in the past. Whether it's my daughter's influence or the simple fact of paying more attention to others, the net effect on me has been a desire to step up my own panache. I'm still settling into this shift and unsure what the next steps will look like.

What grade would you give yourself (so far) for panache?

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