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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tell Me You'll Miss Me

Headed to the Virgin Islands for a second National Park service trip with the Sierra Club. No Internet service in the campground means silence on the bell curve until around February 9. Your assignments during my absence:

* Suggest an attribute I should use as the 35th and final one in "My Grade (So Far)" upon my return. One reader paying close attention (bless his heart) noticed I skipped that series in December.

* In my continued grovelling for the readership of sports fans: Give me Super Bowl highlights or...supply an apt metaphor to connect books and bowling for my future use. No residuals.

* Shovel my driveway.

In our mission to see all the National Parks, next in the queue this year is a re-scheduled visit to Smoky Mountain, missed in late 2013 during the last Federal government shut down. Which National Parks have you most enjoyed? Which is next on your list to visit? If you say you'll miss me, I promise I'll miss you when you go away.


  1. You will be missed by this reader. :) I look forward to enjoying more of your musings upon your return. Safe and enlightening trip!!! d.