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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Closet Presents

I'm betting most of us have at least one closet present tucked away. How long it has remained sitting in your closet unseen would depend on the last time the giver visited you. What is your view on how long you must retain such a gift? More importantly, what is your strategy if the giver makes an unannounced visit? Have you and your partner decided on a secret signal or code word to help retrieve and then quietly display the item? If you live alone, how will you handle this sensitive situation?

It's an equally good bet most of us have given at least one closet present at some point. Do you recall the last one you gave? Was your gift to a family member, a friend, work colleague? Or, are you confident this has never happened? Gift cards are not my go-to choice, but it's hard to deny how well that trend has mitigated the closet present scourge. I suspect bridal registries have gained traction for a similar reason. Gift cards may be unimaginative and bridal registries may remove an element of surprise but no doubt both also cut down on the dust gathering on unused and unseen gifts.

Before any reader screams Scrooge, I'm coming to my own defense. Earlier today, my brother noticed and commented on an indoor thermometer sitting on our bookshelves, a Christmas gift my sister gave my wife and I many years ago. We both loved it and it has never spent a second in a closet. But both my brother's comment and my sister's thoughtful present got me reflecting about closet presents, received and given. Marsha - If you haven't already done so, please feel free to get rid of that winter hat. 

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