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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Public Service Announcment

Since reading David Von Drehle's November 23 cover story for Time magazine entitled "What It Takes To Forgive A Killer", I've been slowly recovering my emotional composure. The link for his extraordinary piece of reporting is at the bottom of this post.

Immediately after reading it, I was uncertain if a second hand blog post extolling the value of Drehle's article would be of much value. Then a new reader recently told me she "...didn't have enough time..." to read many of the books I recommend here and felt "...a little overwhelmed..." with my frequent suggestions. Early today, a light bulb: While this new reader is still paying attention, why not point her toward this exceptional piece, much shorter than a book but so worthwhile?

Both Drehle's name and the subject of his article initially caught my eye. His byline reminded me how much I'd enjoyed and learned from his 2003 book "Triangle: The Fire That Changed America". And, I've been trying to process the Charleston massacre since it occurred. Reading this intense account about "murder, race, and mercy" helped a bit with my processing. It almost felt like having a conversation about that awful event with someone smarter than I.

Now, maybe this puny blog of mine can help sustain that conversation for perhaps one more person.


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