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Saturday, February 13, 2016

An Energizing Goal

After our current Florida adventure concludes, my wife and I will have visited fourteen of the US National Parks together. With Rocky Mountain on the schedule for later this year, at this rate, it's still possible we'll accomplish our goal of seeing all fifty seven. Will we both still be ambulatory when we reach the last one? Open question.

Realizing our ambitious mission will require purposeful planning. There are still six more National Parks in Alaska we haven't seen; a few of those are really remote. There are also two in Hawaii, one of the three States in the US neither of us has yet visited. Finally, giving new meaning to the expression "off the beaten track", there is a National Park located on American Samoa. If someone asked you to quickly locate that US territory on a map, how successful would you be?

But the National Parks are such a treasure; having this goal energizes both of us. What are your travel goals?

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