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Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Musevangelist

The design phase of each new music course elicits the proselytizer in me. As I decide which songs support which teaching point, my zeal grows daily. I scour my music books and the Internet with Talmudic intensity for apocryphal anecdotes as well as useless ephemera. Will the first exposure to "Til The End Of The Day" bring rapture to at least one unbaptized student as it did me in 1965?

Communing with a classroom full of music acolytes is intoxicating. Although never certain how any given song will land, I'm confident the total experience will stir passion, even ecstasy in some. When music soars -  no matter the genre - the divine is nearby.

Of the many blessings my post full time work life has given me, my role as a musevangelist is near the top of the list. What gives you similar joy?

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