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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Last And Most Deadly Sin

Although I do battle with anger and pride can also get the better of me, envy is the deadly sin that most often sorely tests me. Which of the unlucky seven challenges you more than the others?

The green monster usually appears when I'm in a creative slump. If not in a mindful state at those low points, envy can be my default reaction when exposed to great music or writing. Soon, a reinforcing loop begins. My envy of the talent of others leads to negative self-talk and from there it's a short journey to creative paralysis. It's easy to recognize how fruitless my envy is, but not simple to avoid it. There is so much amazing talent in the world.

As ignoble as it is, I also envy those people tortured by their envy of other people's money or possessions. I'd prefer that to my own version of this deadly sin.                    



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