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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Tao Of Ough

Without looking it up, what's your guess how to pronounce "slough"?

Let's use words starting with "t" as a starting point. Does the ough in slough sound like the ough in thorough, thought, through, tough, or trough?

This Carlinesque reflection was inspired when my wife and I came across and differently mispronounced this word unfamiliar to both of us. Crossword and scrabble geeks might scoff at our ignorance but only those from that nerdy group who can come up with a better pun than the title of this post are allowed to gloat and take a bough. Just the same, let's all be kind to people learning English, OK?

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  1. Some time ago, I was waiting patiently in line to check out my books from the library. A handsome young man in his thirties approached the circulation desk. I overheard the following exchange:
    MAN: See Dee Sin
    CLERK: CDs in? Are we holding a CD for you? What is the name?
    MAN: (a bit louder) No! No! See Dee Sin!
    CLERK: We have a large CD collection right behind you and a DVD collection in that room. (She gestures toward both.)
    MAN: (becoming frustrated) No! No! See Dee Sin!
    By this time, I had advanced to the front desk, to the far right of where the man was standing. My blood began to boil as I bellowed to my left, "EXCUSE ME!! He's saying 'CITIZEN'.....He probably wants to ask you about citizenship classes!"
    Upon hearing my comment, the man turned toward me and smiled the broadest smile I have ever seen on a human face. Shortly after that, I became a volunteer at weekly English conversation classes at the library.
    P.S. Don't be concerned that you didn't know how to pronounce "slough". That just shows that you're not into women's pedicures.