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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Interesting, Right?

"For anything to become interesting, you simply have to look at it for a long time.

Until recently coming across the quote above -  often attributed to Flaubert - I'd reflected more than a few times about my propensity for being fascinated by things others find ordinary - at best - or dull, when pressed. How regularly do you find something interesting but come up short getting anyone to share your wonder?

* Isn't it amazing how few car accidents there are? Think about the unspoken coordination it takes for all those drivers to move their automobiles through city streets and merge onto and off of highways.

* How do our bodies do what they do to fight off infection, reject bad food, heal from wounds?

* When will we reach the end of the number of cereals available for purchase?

OK, your turn. I purposefully avoided sharing anything I find interesting that borders on snark (e.g. What exactly compels people to pay attention to the Kardashians?) but be as catty or judgmental as you like.        

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