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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Five Years And Many Movies Later ...


Soon after publishing the above, a few readers - perhaps prompted by the word "powerless" in the title? - shared with me some more serious challenges they face. I hope my response to each of those offline revelations provided some solace. I was humbled by the trust each of those folks invested in me and decided right then to let a long time elapse before re-visiting this particular glib confession of mine, in any fashion.  

To honor those brave readers, right after settling on this five year update as today's subject, I further decided the word powerless had no place in the title. Has my promiscuous movie fanaticism shown any signs of abating since January 10, 2014? It has not. Have I grown more discriminating about what I'll devote ninety minutes (or more) to watching? Mostly, no. Do I have any new distinctions about the art of filmmaking, aside from what I've learned from my actress daughter, five years later? I do not.

The only growth that might be partially attributable to this hard-to-break, often time-sucking habit, is some of the learning I've derived by increasing the number of documentaries I watch. Of course, even that has a downside. For example, how was I edified spending hours listening to the Eagles whine or enduring the "critics never got what we were about" laments of the four remaining original members of Chicago? Both those bands made great music. And both those bands have at least one member that should stick to playing their instrument. So, now I need to cut back on the music documentaries a bit. Next update? January 2024 or thereabouts.

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