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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Think Again And Again

If you're running a race and pass the person in second place, what place are you in?

Your answer? It's not a trick question. However, be sure to answer it before reading the NY Times article below from which the question came. I sincerely believe this article, entitled "Why Do People Fall For Fake News?", has the capacity to shift any thinking person's views of their own objectivity.


Now, after you've read the article, try out that same question on several people before giving them the article to read. I'll share my results with the first reader who tries this out with others, as I have, and then comments here on their results. My hope: Other readers get intrigued enough to try out the same question with people they know and we all turn this into a viral sensation. Imagine the civility that might ensue.


  1. First, any athlete knows if you pass the 2nd place runner, you are not yet winning. Just saying. Second, I have written and rewritten my comments about the need for reflective reasoning in all dialogue, politically charged or not, multiple times. Sounds like we need a phone call or a coffee when I visit next. How to get the facts is part of the problem.

    1. JM; OK, I'm intrigued. As soon as I know which JM I'm addressing (someone I know, apparently), we can arrange to have that coffee and discuss your comment. Since no one with those initials has ever before publicly commented on my blog, I'd like to know in which context you have " … written and re-written of the need for reflexive reasoning …". At least I know you are an athlete, which eliminates a few JM's I know. However, several athletes I do know (who did not comment here as you did), still answered the question opening my post incorrectly. Apparently you've either heard the question previously or … you're an astute JM. Either way, I welcome our conversation, especially the " ...how to get the facts..." piece.