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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Ten Months To Go (Not That I'm Counting)

Given my propensity for navel gazing, I'm a little surprised it took an invitation to a party to remind me how many people I know will be reaching their 70th birthday sometime in 2019.

I suspect many of those people will claim indifference about their impending move into an eighth decade. The enlightened will extol the wisdom their years have given them, speak of their gratitude, describe their inner peace.

And the rest of us? For me, it will depend on the day. Today, I'm glad to have goals that keep me engaged, looking forward to my first trip to Greece this summer, pleased my passions still give me joy. Tomorrow? I don't know. But indifference or enlightenment both seem unlikely. Meanwhile, owning my ambivalence publicly about this looming milestone might help me inoculate myself as birthday #70 nears. Stay tuned.

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