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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Stop - Start - Continue: 2019

Beginning in 2012, I've published a post each New Year's day using the stop-start-continue model I was first exposed to during my years as an adult educator. I've been gratified readers have joined me, used the same model, and posted comments sharing what they pledge for the coming year. I've also been honored a few readers have asked me to later follow up with them. So, I look forward to hearing what you will stop-start-continue in 2019. As for me …

In 2019, I will stop avoiding political discussions with folks from the other side. In my 70th year, it's time to fully embrace my political beliefs, uncomfortable moments notwithstanding.

I will start Phase Two of a musical project begun in November 2011, i.e. memorizing three hundred jazz standards. After the memorization phase is complete - probably by summer - it's time to begin recording all three hundred songs. A new musical friend recently called this wild-eyed ambition my "...Glenn Gould Project..." I love that.

I will continue any pledges made here from 2012-2018 (i.e. my seven earlier "starts") still needing more attention - driving in ways that scare my wife less (2012), composing more (2016), seeking out more local musicians to jam with (2018).

I'm looking forward to a productive year. Why not join me and pledge publicly what you will stop-start-continue in 2019?  

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