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Thursday, March 14, 2019

An Ambivalent Anniversary

Of the milestones celebrated here, today's is often the one tinged with the most ambivalence. Each year as March 14 approaches, I search for balance before publishing this post.

On one hand, I'm proud of my persistence - tomorrow marks the beginning of my eighth consecutive year of consistent blogging. On the other hand, unrealized expectations about having a robust online conversation continue to frustrate me.  

But, I'm grateful for every comment - online or off, the surprise of reaching a new reader, a human connection, albeit virtual. Still, as Saul Bellow's Henderson perpetually moaned - "I want".

I have difficulty imagining my life without blogging. Until the occasional peek at my view numbers discourages me. I bounce back because creating makes me feel plugged in. Until my inability to express myself in a fresh way stops me cold. It's the journey, not the destination, right? That cliché works better on days when I don't need some instant gratification and unfortunately, I have those days less frequently than the more evolved among us.

In any case, I'll see you next March 14. Unless I don't.


  1. I would keep on blogging because it is for you, just like meditating, cycling, or reading may be for someone else.

    You would be surprised how many people may read your content but just not engage.

    If you want to spark engagement with your readers, perhaps offer a call to action? Ask your readers for topics they may have interest in hearing about? Spark a debate?

    If you really want to flip it on it's head try a VLOG (whoa).

    In any event, I read at least 75% of your blogs.

    1. Chris; Thanks for your comment, encouragement, and telling me you read as often as you do - means a great deal to me; really. Most of all, thanks for the pertinent suggestion re "engagement". So, what topics would you have an interest in hearing about? When responding keep in mind my short format. That's the one thing I'm not inclined to change. But, I am VERY interested in keeping you and others engaged.

  2. Congratulations, Pat! This is a huge accomplishment and deserves a celebration. You have amazing drive, creativity, and focus to write consistently for 8 years. I'm always engaged by the topics you come up with and the interesting spin you put on things. As I said early on in this process, reading your blog is like finally knowing what makes a watch tick - it is a little window into your brain. Please keep on keeping on.

    1. Kim; Since you are my ideal reader, your encouragement is vital to me. When I ask questions here, I often have you in mind. Thanks for the kind words.