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Sunday, March 10, 2019

RIP, George (With Questions For The Survivors)

How many fewer people will think of or remember George Doggett now?

Don't be at all concerned if you have no idea who George Doggett was. Although I'm sure his family misses him, his passing was not newsworthy. I know just one thing about George that you probably do not. He was a faithful patron of the Beach Theater in Bradley Beach. Given his otherwise anonymous life, how did I come by this information? And why would I waste your reading time asking about him?

I submit that a better question might be - How far would you go to ensure a place in posterity for  yourself or a loved one? I'm not sure whose idea it was to place a plaque many years ago in George's honor on the wall next to the urinal in the Beach Theater. And when a new owner closed that relic for renovations a few months back, I wondered: Would the new owner notice the plaque? If yes, would they contact George's family to ask what to do about it before beginning the renovations? If then his family wanted the plaque, would they change the wording about "...this urinal is dedicated to …". If not, where would they place it? If you'd been the one wielding a sledgehammer during the demolition and had no instructions from your crew boss about the plaque on the wall in that restroom, how long would you have paused to think about George?  Etc.

Having referred here to George twice before - the first time obliquely, the second time by name - I'm confident saying I've done my part preserving his legacy. If any of you have a similar claim to fame you'd like me to draw attention to on this blog, please advise. I promise I won't snicker.



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