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Monday, March 4, 2019

Everybody Knows

One downside to being as indiscriminate as I am about film is how infrequently I am surprised. The conventions of many genres - romantic comedies, survival stories, uplifting message films, etc. - can sometimes seem a bit predictable.

Then every so often, a film like "Everybody Knows" comes out of nowhere and kicks my jaded ass. All I knew about this winner before deciding to see it was the little bit Fandango revealed. Truth be told, I picked it primarily because my wife has a thing for Javier Bardem. Nominally, "Everybody Knows" is a thriller. But it's really more about the way secrets often take on a life of their own and also how our past creeps up on us when we least expect it. Penelope Cruz shines in her co-starring role alongside the dependably excellent Bardem.  The script, direction, and supporting actors are all first rate.

My favorite part of "Everybody Knows" was the final scene. Two secondary characters are about to begin an important conversation about the central event in the film. The film fades on an ambiguous but wholly satisfying note. Would enjoy hearing your reaction to this surprising movie if you've seen it or get around to doing so in the future.

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