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Saturday, March 23, 2019

A Partial Travelogue

Sampling the cuisine of ninety-three countries has been one of the best adventures undertaken during my post full time work life. The Eat The World project first announced here on March 23, 2011 has taken my wife and I from Cuba to, most recently, Cape Verde. Thanks to family and friends who have joined us on some of our culinary adventures. More thanks to readers who have assisted by letting me know of a restaurant within reasonable driving distance featuring a cuisine we haven't yet tried.

Alphabetically, some notable moments from this eight year journey:

* Disaster in Denmark: On the ill-fated night my wife and I attempted to prepare a Danish meal, we were relieved the couple we'd invited had to cancel at the last minute. Only the dessert redeemed this foodborne travesty, which we then salvaged by ordering a pizza.

* Ecstasy from Egypt: Write down this word - Dukkah - then locate a recipe. I promise: You will be thanking me when you spread it on anything.

* New Year's In Nigeria: The food wasn't as memorable as the evening, celebrating 2019 hour-by-hour. We brought out a dish from Nigeria as the new year began there at 6:00 p.m. our time. Our thirty guests also enjoyed playing a Nigerian board game called Dara.

For this geography geek, the most enjoyable by-product of this long-running project is how much I've learned about many of these countries. And, how much more I'll learn as we "travel" to the rest. What was your most recent out-of-US eating experience?


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