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Saturday, June 22, 2019

My Evolving Perfect World



The two posts above - published four years apart on this date in 2011 & 2015 - each list a few items that would clearly make the world more perfect. I remain curious as another four years has passed what you'd add to my flawless lists. And, here a few more new items for my evolving perfect world.

* We all have eyelids to help us screen out things we don't care to look at. Unquestionably, the world will be more perfect as human evolution develops a similar protective mechanism for our ears.

* Texting might be more tolerable when we're each able to identify who is sending the text before we decide whether to open it. My guess? Texts from some folks will remain unread.

* When rock & pop stars stop comparing Pet Sounds or Sargent Pepper's to Mozart, a collective sigh will be heard around the world. (BTW, Pet Sounds and Sargent Pepper's are personal favorites. But, Mozart? Come on.)

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