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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fours Years Later In My Perfect World


I maintain all the provisos from that June 22 2011 post above would still make for a more perfect world. But over the ensuing four years, my design for that world has continued to expand. So...

* In his next featured role, Owen Wilson will play a serial killer.

* A technology will be developed making it impossible for cell phones to ring in movie theaters, concert halls, and public libraries.

* Bloggers fitting a certain profile will get the audience they deserve. Criteria available on request.    

* Someone will offer a course called "Nepotism For Nobodies: Helping Your Child Get A Fair Shot In Show Business Even Though You're Not Famous".

* English-speaking people all over the world will begin pronouncing the word "flaccid" correctly.

And four years later, in your perfect world?

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