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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today, In My Perfect World...

* DJs would be required to announce to their audiences if they'd never spent any time practicing a musical instrument

* TVs would not be allowed in restaurants

* "Inspirational" e-mails would cost senders a fee for each person they sent them to

* Use of the word "genius" would be limited to once per person per decade

* Any questions a caller has to later answer for an operator after answering the identical one previously for a voice mail prompting system would result in cash being paid to the caller

* Christopher Walken's next starring role would be in a romantic comedy

And today in your perfect world?     

1 comment:

  1. I have to think about my "perfect world" requirements.There are a bunch but among them :
    Anything printed for public viewing (ie menus, signs, etc.) would have to be proofread by someone with a brain and a working knowledge of basic English. If I see one more "special's" on a menu I may just cross that restaurant off my list permanently and that includes my favorite bar.
    Now I sure hope I didn't spell anything wrong.