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Saturday, April 18, 2020

For Bookworm Cinephiles

If you had to guess, which scenario has happened to you more often?

1.) After the film adaptation of a book you loved is announced, you anxiously anticipate seeing that film. Or ...

2.) The language and/or screenplay of a film moves you so much, you pay close attention to the credits and, if the film was based on a book, you make sure to read that book. 

For this bookworm cinephile, scenario #2 is more likely. Although many books I've loved have been successfully adapted to film, I've also been disappointed quite a bit. But films - even some of the just OK ones - have frequently been my gateway to great literature. Next question, bookworm cinephiles:

Regardless of which scenario has been more consistent in your reading vs. viewing, what has been the most recent book/film gateway that worked for you in a big way in both directions?  In other words, a great film you saw adapted from a book you loved first or ... a great book you later read (and loved) after first loving the film on which the book was based?

You answer to that question could be helpful to me right now. After all, indulging my indiscriminate film jones is a guilt-free proposition these days and I've also got a lot of time to read. My most recent two-for-the-price-of-one suggestion is Robert Redford's adaptation of Norman McClean's novella A River Runs Through It. See the film then read the book or vice versa. Either way, you're the winner.   


  1. I like to read the book first and then watch the movie. This is primarily because I am often disappointed in the movie. I recommend Room by Emma Donoghue. Both the book and movie were good!

    1. Ines; Thanks for the comment. I too like to read the book first BUT, I've discovered more good books via seeing a film (and noting a s great script or voiceover like the Redford film) than I have discovered great films after reading a book I've loved. In other words, films work better for me as a gateway than books do.