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Friday, April 24, 2020

The Hermit (And Her Hismit)

What have you uncovered over these past several weeks of social distancing?
* When a musical gets developed about the unabomber, I'll be auditioning for the lead. My reflexive distrust of technology (I know being a blogger is a contradiction but hey, I contain multitudes) and my more-robust-by-the-day beard - along with all this isolation - make me an ideal candidate for the role. And, given my current mood, I could tweak a few of my tunes to make them fit a quaint misanthropic score. 

* I've learned how to best enjoy board games from now on: When feasible, be a moderator instead of a participant. Great way to keep my testosterone-fueled competitive monkey in its cage.

* No matter how long the crisis lasts, both the hermit (and her hismit) will be OK, mustard-wise.

If I sound a bit off, mea culpa. I'm seriously missing my daily WAWA coffee.

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