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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Holiday Questions For The Socially Distanced

How would you answer these three questions today?

1.) Visiting the supermarket these days, most of us are trying to be considerate to avoid having a food feud. What two four letter words are the perfect aural and part of speech equivalent to describe someone who drives a Hummer, especially today?

2.) What Beatles composition is an ideal and elevating theme song for today?  (Using Google is cheating.)

3.) What - besides social distancing - makes today optimum for sly, rapid, aloof people to play with words? 

(Aside: If neither an attempt nor comment for question #3 is forthcoming from either my crossword puzzle fanatic sister or my Scrabble genius sister-in-law on this post, I'm going to assume social distancing has been harder on both of them than the rest of us.)   

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