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Monday, April 6, 2020

Help Wanted: Evangelical Data Analyst

Any reader who knows an aspiring guitarist, please direct them to me, via this blog or my e-mail. I'm officially in the market for a bartering of services. In exchange for guitar lessons - online to start, then moving to face-to-face once we are released to freely interact with others again - I'd like help from a certified computer geek to unravel a mystery. The ideal applicant would be skilled analyzing the data provided to bloggers by host sites.


The above post from January 3, 2017 has been viewed four times more than its closest competitor among the top ten of 1900 I've published to date. One attentive reader recently asked me why this particular entry keeps re-appearing in the top right of my screen in the grouping called "popular posts". It doesn't matter how I re-scramble that grouping - top ten for the month, the past year, all time - it's always there. Just since my yearly check-in of analytics on New Year's Day, that post has been viewed almost 400 times. For a reason completely unfathomable to me - especially given the dearth of comments it has - someone or something keeps viewing this outlier. And why - you reasonably ask - does Pat care about this enough to barter away his estimable guitar teaching skills? (I'm not so dense - all self-referential evidence to the contrary - to think any of you care.)

Simple. If I had a plausible explanation why this specific post was so much more worthy of being read than all my others, I would work assiduously to re-create the magic that could help move my blog into viral territory, although not the corona iteration. Not that I'd revert to being formulaic, mind you; I'm not that desperate. Actually, maybe I am. So, if any reader has a theory, please share it. My wife posits evangelicals are continually uncovering this post while otherwise searching for salvation. Her solid deduction is based on the words "walk on water" being part of the subject line. Her conjecture is unfailingly logical and explains today's shameless subject line. God bless.       

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