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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Conventional Wisdom & Covid-19

"Opposites attract."

Yeah, not so much, at least not here on my part of the bell curve. And I'm talking about right from the get-go over forty two years ago. What has experience shown you about the validity of that piece of conventional wisdom?

During these trying days of social distancing, I'm especially grateful for the commonalities my wife and I have always shared. Of course we're not alike in some ways, most significantly, our respective temperaments; I'm sure the same could be said of other long term partnerships. But the two of us are - and have been from the start - fully aligned on important fundamentals like our values and the way we see the world. At present, our long-shared passion for literature has not only helped keep our conversations fresh, it has also helped us maintain comfortable distance from the 24/7 news cycle and the nasty by-products that habit can engender. It also doesn't hurt that our politics are similar, though not identical. Speaking of which, anyone heard how James Carville and Mary Matalin are doing these days?

I'm more extroverted than her; she's more diligent than I about keeping us safe. She loves period pieces, especially English ones, and can't abide graphic violence in films; I'm drawn to movies with contemporary themes and depictions of the messiness of life. Background music is an oxymoron to me; excessive volume - unless it's Candy's Room - is anathema to her. All those and other piddling differences? Not hard to mitigate. But opposite, attracting or otherwise? I'll pass.

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