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Monday, July 6, 2020

Cycling Certainties

It's likely the large number of bicyclists on the roads near my home has a lot to do with my proximity to the ocean. After over ten years living and riding here, two cycling certainties recently became apparent to me:

#1: If I've been cycling more than thirty minutes, I will pass someone and I will be passed. I submit this first certainty as a wholly unscientific bell curve proof.

#2: Although reliable predictions cannot be made about the cyclists I will pass, I can predict with 100% reliability that every cyclist who passes me - legitimately - will be wearing a helmet.

Doubt my data? I invite you to join me on a ride, at your convenience. FYI, unless I've indulged in a second beer the night before, I average 14 MPH.

And I can hear you groaning in cyberspace. What is this fool prattling on about? Today's mundane reflection catalyzed after a recent ride when a cyclist without a helmet passed me as we both made a left turn. It was such an unheard-of occurrence that I conjectured he was a local, probably close to his destination, showing off. Less than five seconds later, I watched helmet-less man make a turn into a driveway. Data validated.

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