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Sunday, April 11, 2021

An Enriching Gift

When was the last time someone recommended an article or essay to you because what they'd read made them think of you? Gifts like this enrich my life. I can't recall a single time when I didn't rush to read what was recommended. Why would I wait when someone thought of me this way? 


A while back, a new friend and I discussed our mutual love of Modern Love, a longstanding NY Times feature. Knowing how complicated my life has been these past few months, this friend suspected - correctly, it turns out - that I might have missed the February 5 edition of Modern Love above. I read it soon after she brought it to my attention, was deeply moved, then soon after that got wrapped up in my maelstrom and forgot my friend's thoughtfulness. 

Last night was a restless one. My journal gave me solace, similar to the peace the author of that Modern Love column found in her Father's journal. While making my journal entry, I suddenly recalled the gift my friend had given me weeks ago. I went online, re-read that luminous essay, returned to bed grateful for her friendship.  


  1. As I have said before, I do love serendipity. This morning I started Lisa Genova's book The Science of Memory and The Art of Forgetting. She is the author of Still Alice about a woman facing Alzheimer's. The NYT's article is so poignant. My take is to appreciate what we have every single day. Don't take anything for granted. And, importantly connect with loved ones while you can. Annabelle is so lucky to have those journals!

    1. Ines; As always, thanks for your comments. I too love serendipity, both the word itself and the concept. And, in this case, the serendipity of what you just started reading "matching" with the Modern Love essay.

  2. I have witnessed the gradual loss of personality and memory in the faces of several family members and acquaintances. If memory is an angel, the angel has for its own purposes, gone silent.

    1. Steve; Once again, thanks for commenting. Your way of expressing yourself (e.g. "If memory is an angel .. gone silent") is frequently poetic.