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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Meeting New Smart People

What are some ways you've discovered for meeting new smart people?

Since my most recent move last year, I've tried several strategies. I've joined two book clubs & a Toastmasters group, gotten involved with two service organizations as a volunteer, gone to a few Sierra Club meetings, gotten acquainted with the local librarians, started this blog. I've had some success with each of these but I'm still looking for other ideas.

I realize it sounds elitist to restrict my search to "smart" people but I'm old enough now that my time is precious to me. And, my experience has taught me the most interesting people are the people who are the most interested; those people tend to be smart. So for this search I'm interested in the ideas of the interesting people who might read this posting. And if any of my strategies work for any of you, all the better.

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