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Friday, July 1, 2011


Direct - blunt - tactless - obnoxious

A two day training program I just attended has helped me begin to re-frame my directness. The instrument I completed before the program called the trait of being direct one of my "talents"; that got me started on the re-framing process. When those of us with the talent for being direct were cautioned about over-using it and being perceived by others as blunt, I had an "aha" moment. I added tactless and obnoxious, additional words I've been called more than once in my life. As I continued to re-frame, I considered the possibility that those familiar words might be a consequence of this talent I have for being direct.

I've taken and administered instruments like this in my work life many times. Most people, including me, love completing them because they give us information about our favorite subjects - ourselves. This instrument was no exception. And although this was not the first time I've heard that an over-used talent (or strength or skill, etc.) can get someone in trouble, it was good to be reminded. Which of your talents gets you in trouble when you over-use it? Maybe start by thinking of some consistent criticisms you've heard and see if you can find a path back to some talent that perhaps you over-use. Then begin re-framing. And tell me about the results.

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